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My Top Five Apps: The Ones I use the Most

My Top 5 Apps

Many people these days have some kind of smart device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, Phablet, smartwatch or a combination all come with the choice of a never ending stream of apps. Like you I have lots and lots of apps on my smartphone

Twitter Music App Updates – Charts Categories and More!

Twitter Music App Updates

Twitter recently launched a music app that can be downloaded from the iOS app store for free. This app received quite a reception as it is currently the most popular app of its kind being used by twitter users. This is an app that allows twitter users to get in touch with the music that […]

HTC ChaCha – Android QWERTY Smartphone

HTC ChaCha QWERTY Android Smartphone

If you like the QWERTY keyboard of a Blackberry phone but don’t like Blackberry’s themselves maybe there’s a smartphone you haven’t thought about just yet, The HTC ChaCha! The HTC ChaCha is an Android 2.3 Gingerbread based smartphone

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