5 Exciting Features of BlackBerry 10

5 Exciting Features of BlackBerry 10

If you had to pick one OS that has notoriously refused to make any significant changes to its interface and features you’d incontrovertibly point your finger at BlackBerry. So the launch of the brand new BlackBerry 10 OS – a much needed revision of the technologically stagnant smartphone operating system – couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment in time.

BlackBerry 10

Here are five of the most exciting BlackBerry 10 features that will surely make consumers world over reconsider BlackBerry as their choice of smartphone.

BlackBerry Hub

While BlackBerry’s much loved BBM service along with social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter are popular favorites on a BlackBerry handset, any power user knows how cumbersome it can be to keep track of so many accounts.

The new Blackberry 10 Hub

Well not anymore, since BlackBerry Hub compiles all your messages – emails, text messages, BBMs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter notifications, voicemails as well as missed calls in one convenient location that can be easily accessed using a single gesture.

Virtual Keyboard

The new virtual keyboard on BlackBerry 10 touch devices is probably the best one any mobile OS has come up with so far. The most outstanding feature of the BlackBerry keyboard is its ability to make uncannily accurate predictions of what words you’d want to type next.

Blackberry keyboard

This feature automatically becomes personalized for every user since BlackBerry takes into account each user’s conversation history. The tiny predicted words appear on the keyboard and can then be swiped up to the text box.


The web browser on BlackBerry 10 is extremely intuitive and efficient in delivering a superior browsing experience. To offer users a customizable browsing interface BlackBerry takes into account every user’s previous searches and URLs of websites the user has visited and consequently has a superb rate of predicting the website addresses. The user interface ensures that RIM wants its users to surf the web using just one thumb. Inactive tabs do not clutter the screen and are kept hidden till needed.

BlackBerry Balance

BlackBerry continues to offer something extra for its business users who have been its most loyal consumers over the years.

BlackBerry Balance

BlackBerry Balance will make for a perfect addition to BlackBerry users who want to keep their personal and work content separate from each other and a simple gesture will allow users to switch between their Personal and Work space.


After firing up the camera on any BlackBerry 10 touch device you can freely tap on any spot on the screen in order to take a picture with no need for a shutter button. The ingenious Time Shift feature in the camera can be activated to click multiple shots of a group photograph so that you can select the best one for every person in the picture. The lack of a dedicated Instagram app for Blackberry doesn’t come in the way as BlackBerry 10 offers excellent image editing options.

With Windows Phone 8, Android 4.1 and iOS 6 attracting customers away, BlackBerry 10 may be RIM’s final prospect to stay afloat in the highly competitive mobile device market.

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  • http://twitter.com/msmir Miriam Slozberg

    I have to say I never used the blackberry before however this sounds awesome thanks.

  • http://twitter.com/rob_is_it Rob Tee

    The new blackberry is actually looking pretty sweet. I wonder how many people will want to take the risk though?

    • http://www.facebook.com/prepayasyougo PrePayAsYouGo

      I agree it could be a risk switching over to an OS that has its future hanging in the balance. One thing I don’t understand is why Blackberry didn’t release both the Z10 and Q10 handsets at the same time!

  • Harold Gardner

    I really don’t think it is enough to break through the Apple/Andriod hegemony.

  • http://reCareered.com/ philrosenberg

    I like the timeshift idea.

  • http://twitter.com/bdrflyer Brian J Dillon

    Wow, the BlackBerry is sure addressing the complaints that had plagued it, quite an upturn in usability.

    • http://www.facebook.com/prepayasyougo PrePayAsYouGo

      Have you had any experience previously with BlackBerry Brian?

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