Duolingo – Learning Languages on the Go

Duolingo Language App

Ever wanted to learn a new language? If those dry-as-dust high school French classes still haunt your memory, it’s time to wake up to the newest and best way to learn. Duolingo is a free and top-rated Android app.

NSA, GCHQ and Sim Card Hacking?

Sim Card hacking by NSA and GCHQ

The more Edward Snowden leaks about the NSA and the way they handle data clearly shows that governments don’t value our privacy at all. In fact, the leaks show a dark world where data security and privacy aren’t respected at all, instead calls are monitored, metadata is collected in mass and spies are on Facebook just to access your data and so on.

Apps for Improving Your Energy-Efficiency

Apps for Improving Your Energy-Efficiency

No matter what it is that you need, you can find an app for just about anything these days. There are apps for creating to-do lists, for navigation, apps that help you find your next favourite restaurant, for storing and backing up all your important family photos, and everything in between.

BlackBerry Leap – A Leap in the Wrong Direction?

BlackBerry Leap - A Leap in the Wrong Direction?

It’s no secret that Blackberry – once an industry leader to the point of being nicknamed “Crackberry” – has been struggling. The industry that used to be almost synonymous with the company’s name has left Blackberry in the dust, with young consumers flocking almost exclusively to Android and Apple offerings.

Apple Outages – The Why and The Cost?

Apple Outages - The Why and The Cost?

Apple stores are now back online after a gruelling worldwide outage that was supposedly caused by an internal DNS error. Apple’s services were down for a total of 11 hours on March 11th. Officials have pinpointed the problem and are now assuring customers that it won’t happen again.

The Future of Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking on Facebook

Cheques are redundant, hard cash is dying, and even the homeless in some European countries now have access to card machines. The banking landscape is changing faster than ever before, but the mobile industry has been struggling to keep up… until now.

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